Saturday, October 31, 2015

Astrological Bracelet

Sterling Silver Astrological Bracelet
My brother; Ernst Wilhelm, is an extraordinary Vedic astrologer.  He was the one who first sent me the materials to make my first piece of jewelry; a 9 stoned astrological bangle.  I have enjoyed making jewelry ever since and setting stones for astrological jewelry was my major source of income while going to acupuncture school.  Astrological and healing jewelry can be challenging because one of the design considerations is that the stones must protrude through the setting and make contact with the skin.  I also like the way the light goes through the stones when set in this way, it reminds me of a stain glass window or dream catcher.   This bracelet has a total of 27 jump rings and each of them is soldered closed.   Only someone who has soldered jump rings can understand what an exercise in patience and futility making a chain like this can be.  This particular client wanted the ability to add or remove stones as needed which is why the large single rings can be removed and re-spliced without damaging the settings.